The Explore.Brussels team is made up of full-time employees and temporary collaborators who join us for events.

Explore.Brussels, ARAU, Arkadia, Bruxelles Bavard, Pro Velo

Full-time team

This team includes the Director, an administrative assistant, a communication manager and four project managers, each representing one of the member associations and contributing specialised knowledge to our projects and events.

Dominika Figini 

Project Manager
Brussels Chatterguides
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+32 485 70 71 06

Temporary teams

The temporary teams reinforce the full-time team to help with bookings, welcoming participants, logistics and communication during events. For example, for the Brussels Art Nouveau & Art Deco (BANAD) Festival, the full-time team is joined by 7 extra people in the office and 40 students who welcome visitors at the doors of the buildings open each day, and for the Brussels Neo-Classical Biennial it is joined by 3 extra people in the office and 20 students.
Explore.Brussels also works with around 100 freelance guides during these festivals, who normally work for the member and partner associations.

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